WATCH: Louboutin Names A Shoe After Blake Lively

Getting a piece of fashion iconography named after you is a pretty big deal — Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin both have coveted Hermes handbags as namesakes. And now, in an envy-inducing bit of news, we’ve found out Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively has a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes named after her.

The story goes that while Lively was in Paris filming the upcoming season of her show, she got a Vespa tour of the City of Lights from Louboutin himself. He also took her on a tour of his atelier, where she fell in love with a strappy work in progress. After she told him she “wanted to sleep with it under my pillow every night,” Louboutin’s mind was made up: the shoe had to be called the Blake.

Of course, there are copyright protection issues involved — on the off chance that some designer in Paris has already named one of his shoes the Blake, Louboutin might have spoken too soon. Still, for an actress in the toddler stage of her career (or for anyone, for that matter) having one of the world’s most loved shoe designers offer to name a pair after you is an incomparable honor. Lively herself called it her “greatest accomplishment.”

This is the shoe:

So now, there are only two remaining questions: How will the shoe sell, and how does Danielle Steele feel, after buying literally thousands of pairs of Louboutins, that she doesn’t have a shoe named after her?

Watch Blake gush about her shoes with Regis and Kelly. The Louboutin action kicks in around 1:15:

[Grazia via People Style Watch]

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