Is Blake Lively Really Stella McCartney’s Latest Muse?

Fact or fiction: Blake Lively is Stella McCartney‘s newest muse. Despite rumors to the contrary, we’re going to have to go with fiction. We think.

The Daily Mail reports that a source told them the following: “Like Leonardo, Blake is an animal lover and believes in cruelty-free fashion so when she met Stella at the Met Ball last month she found they shared many of the same ideals. Stella thinks Blake would be the perfect brand ambassador for her company in America.”

We’re not even going to discuss the DiCaprio animal lover bit, but we do think this rumor is almost certainly untrue. Can you recall a time when Lively wore Stella McCartney on the red carpet? She did wear McCartney on her recent Glamour cover, but that’s about all that ties the actress to the brand. More importantly, we have to imagine her partnership with Chanel involves some sort of exclusive non-compete clause. There’s no way they’d be down with her repping McCartney, right?

Yeah, we’re sticking with fiction.

[via Daily Mail]

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