Blind Item Round Up: Tampons, Car Crashes, & Reality TV

It’s Friday and nobody wants to work. (Us included!) And what better way to while away a good hour of your afternoon than by playing blind item guessing games? We’ve rounded up the best fashion-related ones we could find and included our thoughts as to the answers. Leave yours in the comments.

Which eccentric fashion designer carries tampons to be in touch with his feminine side while he designs women’s clothes? [NY POST]

We’ve seen a few people throw out Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Siriano, but our most credible sources indicate that the true culprit may well be Alexander Wang.

Which drunk actress tucked her dress into her undies at the Golden Globes? [Us Magazine]

Minnie Driver described the culprit as a “beautiful young actress” and we’ve got our money on someone from Glee. While the physics of Lea Michele’s dress make this unlikely, how great of a mental picture is that?

Which lifestyle editor totalled the one-of-a-kind car she was lent for an out-of-state test drive? [Racked]

This one actually has us totally stumped, only because who really knows the names of “Editor/Writers” at “fashion-lifestyle publications”? Answer: it wasn’t us.

Which well known fashion blogger has been asked to star in R.J. Cutler’s new fashion-focused docu-drama, but isn’t biting? [The Cut]

Ooh, this is a fun one. Besides the fact that we made the R.J. Cutler-Teen Vogue connection over a week ago, this item suffers from too broad a swath of options. Faran Krentcil? Lauren Sherman from Fashionista? Amy Odell herself? Us?! The options are endless. Fact is, we can’t really think of anyone who would bite.

OK, it’s your turn now!

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