Lady-Killer Friday: Leo Will Serenade You With TLC While Wearing Barrettes

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Ever since sinking our teeth into Pamela Des Barres’ first-hand account of bedding Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, and Keith Moon, groupie tell-alls have become one of our best-love guilty pleasures. So, when we found out the chick from the “Cherry Pie” music video, Bobbie Brown, penned a memoir entitled “Dirty Rocker Boys,” we were counting down the days till its November 26 release date. Fortunately, Brown submitted a portion of her book to the New York Post (duh) that’s even more revealing than her famous red bustier and daisy dukes.

While the excerpt dropped bedfellows such as Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro that didn’t shock us in the slightest, there was one name that set our hearts a flutter: Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, Brown, and a baby-face-21-year-old Leo shared a night together, and the details are as lurid as we could have hoped, but not for the reasons we would’ve thought.

She wrote:

One night at Grand Ville, I ran into Leonardo DiCaprio, a baby-faced 19-year-old actor who’d just had a hit with “The Basketball Diaries.” I knew him from the clubs, he was always coming up to me saying, “You’re going to be my girlfriend one day.” But I was with Tommy, and he was just way too young for me. I was five years his senior.

But after the breakup, I was hate-f - - king whoever out of anger.

We went back to his place that night. Leo had barrettes pulling back his dirty blond hair. He turned on some music and started singing the TLC song “Waterfalls” to me. It was weird — I wasn’t into it at all.

But when I pulled his pants down I was like, “Holy s - -t.” I’d just been with Tommy Lee, but Leo looked huge. After that, he put on a condom while I went down on him and then we had sex. But the whole thing was awkward, and we didn’t hang out much after that.

After that whole lunging-at-Cara-Delevingne incident, our feelings on DiCaprio became mixed, but now that we know he not only appreciates hair barrettes and TLC classics, but uses them as props of seduction, we’re unabashedly Team Leo again.

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