Watch This Singer Get an Extreme Photoshop Makeover For Her Music Video

You know Photoshop is taking over the world when its absence is a bigger news story than its presence. When unretouched images are such hot property that Jezebel is willing to offer a third of some people’s salary just to turn them into GIFs. And speaking of GIFs, remember those ones that proved models were basically obsolete anyway? Good thing Jezebel stepped up in the name of feminism — at least we can sleep easier knowing it wasn’t a creepy CGI Lena Dunham lurking on the streets of Brooklyn.

Taking up the Feminism vs. Photoshop mantle in a more positive way is Budapest-born singer Boggie. In a music video documenting her own digital facelift, she gets lightened and brightened for mass media consumption, all to the tune of her song Nouveau Parfum — which is, ironically, about refusing to conform.

The video was directed by Nándor Lőrincz and Bálint Nagy. Retouching has never sounded this good.

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