High School Principal Bans Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets

A shirt that says “pussy” will get you thrown in jail and now it seems that a bracelet that says “Boobs” will get you thrown in detention — at least if you’re a high-school student in Silverdale, Washington.

According to CBS news, the school’s principal Ryan Stevens has recently made a move to ban the statement bracelets which say, “I love Boobies” and “Keep-A-Breast”, citing complaints from teachers about inappropriate gestures. Ahh, teenagers.

“It was a disturbance to the learning environment,” he told reporters. Right, and that thing about free-speech?

Students say the ban is unfair since the rubber bracelets are worn as a part of The Keep a Breast Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness among young people about breast cancer. “Everyone is offended by something,” said sixteen-year-old student Brittany Indvik — who notes students routinely makeout in the halls and make other inappropriate fashion statements. “There are lots of other things they should be banning.” Sounds to us like their principal is a total, well, boob.

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