WATCH: GMA Stands Behind Their Botox Mom Story

There have been varying amounts of skepticism over whether Sheena Upton, the woman known around the world as Botox Mom, actually gave her 8-year-old daughter injections of Botox — at this point, even she has said the entire spectacle was a hoax, an “acting job” she did for money. But Good Morning America‘s Lara Spencer, who interviewed Upton and her daughter last week, says her evidence suggests Upton really did use the wrinkle filler on her 8 year old.

When Upton talked with Spencer last week, she was unapologetic about having injected her daughter with Botox, and the freelance journalist who wrote the original story for London’s Sun newspaper said she witnessed and photographed Upton giving her daughter the injections. She also said Upton showed her identification bearing the name Kerry Campbell, the name she assumed when this story entered the news cycle. One of Upton’s relatives, who was there for the GMA interview told them that she’d seen Upton inject her daughter with Botox, too.

San Francisco’s Child Protective Services took Upton’s daughter out of her custody last week after the GMA story aired, which prompted her to apologize for her actions. This came just a day before she announced the entire thing was a scam. Upton even had a doctor examine her daughter for signs of Botox injections, but a dermatologist told GMA that depending on how long ago the girl’s last injection was, there’d be no way to tell if she’d ever had Botox in her system.

So who’s telling the truth? We can’t be sure, but we have a feeling the truth will find its way out at some point.

[Good Morning America]

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