WATCH: Botox Mom Now Says She Doesn’t Even Know What Botox Is

In a new series of video interviews, Sheena Upton — better known by her alias Kerry Campbell or her nickname Botox Mom — reaffirmed that the story about giving her daughter Botox injections was entirely made up. In fact, Upton says, she’s not even sure what Botox is.

The interviews, posted Thursday afternoon on, show Upton talking about the nature of her deal with The Sun newspaper, which reported that she gave her daughter bikini waxes and regular Botox treatments back in March. Today, Upton says she and her daughter posed for the pictures that launched the story and were paid for them. She also says Good Morning America, which ran a story about her and her daughter last week, paid her for an interview, too.

That interview, and the initial interview with The Sun, is said to have been scripted. Upton says she has emails which detail everything from what she said to what she would wear — there are even stipulations that she not talk about getting paid for the story.

Upton says The Sun reached out to her to do a “spa day” story about a mother and daughter at a nail salon. She says the paper rented out the waxing room of a local nail salon and had her pose bending over her daughter with a medicinal syringe, but that she never actually injected her daughter with anything.

“Later on is when I heard they used it as [a] Botox [story], which, honestly, I don’t even know what Botox is.”

In case you were wondering, it’s one of the most powerful neurotoxins known to man. Would any mother be crazy enough to inject that into a young child’s forehead? You be the judge.


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