Are These The Most Terrifying Bra Ads Ever?

Ideally, every woman should be wearing a bra that is as comfortable as it is appropriately sized. But did you know that your ill-fitting lingerie is actually terrifying those who have to look at you? The horror.

The Boobie Trap, a lingerie store in St. John, Newfoundland, is taking exactly that tack in the hopes of convincing women to shop with them. Modeled after horror movie posters, the ads portray the side effects of an ill-fitting bra in the same way one would an axe murderer’s bloody mug. “The Shelf” features a protruding profile of a women’s chest, backlit with fog and a leafless tree. “The Sagging” highlights a pair of breasts shot in night vision-esque colors, a la The Blair Witch Project.

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They even come with accompanying video ads. Behold (or beware), The Quadraboob:

Jenny Smith, creative group head at Target Marketing Communications, the firm behind the ads, told trade publication Marketing, Advertising and PR in Canada that the ads are meant to connect with women.

[Bad bras] result in a number of very horrible and grotesque and frightening malfunctions, so the idea of the campaign was to draw attention to that fact … I think 85 or 90% of women actually wear the wrong bra size and they experience these malfunctions, and sometimes they don’t know they’re showing off these malfunctions.

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Because that’s really what women need: one more terrifying reason to feel insecure about their breasts.

Take a look at the ads below. Do you think they’re funny? Or just plain frightening?

[via HuffPost.]

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