Will Brad Serve Cupcakes Or Lentil Soup At His Anniversary Party?

Boy, Brad Goreski was busy this week! The show made a welcome return to fashion storylines with Brad styling a sheet for Details’s September issue. The premise of the shoot was, according to Brad, “How to incorporate color into your wardrobe without looking like, well, me.” The show tried to make us think that he might not pull it off, as Details editor Andrea Oliveri objected to some of the clothes and had some styling suggestions of her own, but it all just looked like the normal back and forth people have while collaborating on a creative project. Nice try, Bravo! You almost had us.

Brad also landed a job styling Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell for the MuchMusic Awards in Canada, but we didn’t get to see which dress she chose. Maybe next week?

There was also a bit of family drama — Brad’s father was supposed to visit him in Los Angeles, but canceled at the last minute for reasons that were unclear at best. Related: his dad’s girlfriend is, by all accounts, a total monster. This conflict may reappear in another episode, as Brad never got a chance to speak directly with his father, who was injured (after canceling the trip) while trying to clear away a dead tree in his yard after a storm. He was still recovering by the episode’s end.

This episode had just enough Lindsay (her task was to decorate the office, which she executed without too much difficulty), and not quite enough Gary Janetti, who I believe is the breakout star of the show. Sure, Brad might be the lead, but Gary is so much weirder. (And funny! Have you read his hilarious yet horribly mean Twitter feed?)

He was in fine form this week, trying to plan his ten-year anniversary party with Brad using a highly successful combination of crippling doubt and pessimism. Brad wants cupcakes and dancing; Gary wants lentil soup and to avoid public speaking at all costs. I actually can’t wait to see how this turns out. In the meantime, you can watch Gary take a stab at party planning in the clip below (spoiler: he’s awful at it!).

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