The Three Greatest Things About Brad Goreski’s Trip To Milan

1. Oh my word, the FASHION!

I enjoyed this episode more than any other this season, mostly because it was chock full of amazing collections and Brad Goreski’s colorful opinions on the clothes. Brad was in Milan for Fashion Week, where he attended approximately 53,451 shows and squeezed in a few private meetings with designers. He got a personal showcase from menswear designer Brunello Cucinelli, who makes beautifully tailored suits (with very slouchy trousers, which are unexpectedly great — also, his models are FOOOINE), and Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared, who are unafraid of color, sex appeal, and very tiny men’s swimwear.

Brad also took Gary Janetti as his date to the Neil Barrett show, which had a punk/ska sensibility and appealed to the Danny Zuko that lives inside of Brad. (His words, not mine.) Brad and I both agreed that Ferragamo and Versace had great shows, but while Brad was impressed with Calvin Klein’s collection, it was all a little too “early days of the Backstreet Boys” for me:

2. Brad’s attempts to blog

One of Brad’s duties on this trip was to blog for Details, and although the show made it seem like it took him one week to compose a single post, it looks like he actually managed to complete several of them. It’s hard to say what I loved more: Brad running into Andrea Oliveri at a show and telling her that he had typed up “half” of his blog, or watching him hector Gary about the quality of the photos he was taking for Brad to include in his posts.

Unsurprisingly, Brad hobnobbed with a few celebrities while in Milan (hellooo, Joe Jonas! Who knew?), and made sure to take a few pictures for his blog. Adorable! A highlight of the episode was watching Brad request a photo with a very disinterested Dwyane Wade at the DSquared show, where there was also a synchronized dance number performed by the models that made me cringe intensely with second-hand embarrassment:

3. GARY!

Gary continues to kill it this season. The greatest things Gary did in this episode are as follows: he sat in bed in the hotel room reading The Glass Castle while trading barbs with Brad about hitting on male models. He became obsessed with convincing hotel personnel (namely the pretty concierge Giulia, and a charming waitress at the hotel’s restaurant) that he was straight, and subsequently convincing Brad that they totally wanted him. This led Brad to say, “You [and Giulia] would look good together, but instead you got a Canadian woman, and this is what she looks like.” And finally, toward the end of their travels, Gary told Brad that he loved coming along on this trip to learn more about what he does, and to see other people recognize the specialness that he has always seen in him. Sniff! Gary!!!!!!

Next week: Gary has a meltdown about the anniversary party. To tide you over until next Monday, treat yourself to this clip of Brad and Gary packing, with assistance from their dog Penelope:

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