Unsolicited Advice For Brad Goreski’s New Blogging Venture

We’re pretty much obsessed with Brad Goreski here at Styleite. It actually might be a little unhealthy how much we like the guy. So when we found out that he launched a blog this weekend, we jumped for joy — that is, until we noticed it’s hosted on Blogspot.

It’s not that we have anything against Blogspot — some of us have had very good experiences with that particular content management system, and it’s where the granddaddy of all modern street style bloggers, Scott Schuman, keeps The Sartorialist. It’s just that we don’t think it’s the most efficient way for Goreski, whose fans are legion, to get in touch with people online.

He would have immediately had countless thousands of fashion-obsessed people reblogging his pictures and thoughts if he’d started on Tumblr. He would have had endless customization options if he’d gotten on WordPress, or even Moveable Type. But instead he chose Blogspot, where you can only register, like, 10,000 active followers and where you’re limited to a crippling range of semi-variable design options.

It’s also really cumbersome to type out. Go ahead and try it. Open a new tab. We’ll wait.

We will note that the URL bradgoreski.tumblr.com has already been registered, so maybe Goreski is just keeping it open until he figures out just exactly what he wants to do with his online life. Maybe he was just so eager to start writing and sharing that he jumped on the first thing he saw. Maybe we shouldn’t judge until he buys BradGoreski.com from the rabid fans that own it and plan to turn it into an online altar to the budding stylist.

We’re sure Goreski will figure out something that works. We just hope it works for his readers as well as it does for him.

Brad’s Blog [Dot Blogspot Dot Com]

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