In Which We Almost Ruined Brad Goreski’s Book Party

We loved Brad Goreski on The Rachel Zoe Project, faithfully recapped It’s A Brad, Brad World all winter, and follow both him and Gary Janetti on Twitter, so we jumped at the chance to cover his book party, which was hosted by Details and held last night at the Tommy Hilfiger store on 5th Avenue.

It’s always intimidating to hang out at an event like this one, holding a giant coat and even more giant bag, while ginormous fashion people (and their towering hair) squeeze by on all sides. We made friends with another reporter, who tried all the food and reviewed it for us while we tested the Voice Notes application on our phone, until Brad arrived with Gary in tow. They were super nattily dressed — Brad was wearing spats! — and unfailingly polite. We cornered him for a few minutes to ask him about his book.

Congratulations on the book!

Thank you!

We wanted to ask you a bit about your process writing the book: what part did you enjoy the most?

I think it was…interviewing my friends and my family and kind of seeing my life through their eyes…um, I was really pleasantly surprised!

What has the reception been like [for the book]?

It’s been great — my mom’s read it twice, my sister has read it, there’s a copy on the way to my dad’s, [and] my grandma…everyone is really excited to read it. It’s very truthful, you know — it’s very celebratory of the people in my life.

Was there anybody who you wanted to write about who didn’t want to be included, or was there anything ou felt you wanted to leave out?

No, not at all, because everybody is written about in the way that I feel about them, and the book is meant to be celebratory…I would feel differently if I was writing not-nice things about people, but I love the people in my life. They’ve made me who I am.

In particular, we were so impressed by how affectionately and fairly you wrote about your time with Rachel Zoe, and wanted to ask what you felt was the most important thing that she taught you while you were working with her?

I think the most important thing was to be kind to people and to…work hard…She has a very intense work ethic and you have to keep up with her in order to be her assistant, and I think she really taught me to keep up with [her] pace. And she was always so kind.

[So far, so good, right? Of course, we couldn’t leave without putting our foot in our mouths for a second. Here it comes.]

We have one more question for you. We’re also the parent of a little black dog named Jasper, [“Aww!” Brad interjected here] and we wanted to know — if you do a second season of your show, will he have his moment in the spotlight?

He passed away.


Yeah, he passed away in September.

Oh, we’re so sorry to hear that!

He was 16… and he was so loved by the crew, and by everybody, he had such a good last run with so many people around him that loved him and of course Gary and I as well.


Having sufficiently brought down the mood of the party, we thanked Brad for his time, snuck in one last question in (Q: What is essential for men and women this spring? “COLOR!”), and left. But not before our beige sweater and bright blue pants-clad backside photobombed a shot of Brad and Rashida Jones. Set phasers to victory!


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