EXCLUSIVE: Brad Goreski Says Jessica Alba Saved His Career

Brad Goreski was an invisible guest star on several episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project this season, and his absence hinted at some bad blood between the stylist and his über-famous boss. It’s a Brad, Brad World, which premieres Monday, January 2nd on Bravo, is Goreski’s opportunity show the world what he’s been doing since his defection from Team Zoe. He took the time to sit down with us for an interview about the new show, his old boss, and the business he loves so much.

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While Rachel Zoe claims that Goreski left to spend more time at home, he disagrees with that explanation. “Unfortunately, that wasn’t really discussed when we left,” he says. “I think you’ll see from the show the reality of what my world was when I left Rachel and indeed a lot of time was spent at home while I was waiting for work to come in, with my dogs and my boyfriend. But, you know, the whole point … of assisting people is you choose a profession where you want to learn from somebody who is the expert. And then once you get to a place where you feel like you’re ready to go off on your own into that profession, you know, that’s what I did … So, you know, I love my boyfriend and I love my dogs but a girl has to pay the bills.”

Goreski’s first client after leaving Zoe was Jessica Alba, who does not appear on his new show. “It was about almost two months before I had like a client,” he says. “I do owe a lot to Jessica for taking a chance on me when I didn’t really have anything to go on except for a couple of, you know, really good recommendations from people that were around her.” His enviable client list also includes Noomi Rapace, Rashida Jones, Abigail Spencer, Christina Ricci, and Shay Mitchell, but if he could add another client his top pick would be Kristen Wiig. ” I would love to dress Kristen,” he says. “I think that she’s so talented and so beautiful and, you know, obviously … super funny.” The man is known for his great taste!

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Goreski has several style icons — among them are designers Tom Ford, Simon Spurr and Michael Bastian. A celebrity whose style he particularly loves is Ryan Gosling, who “gets it kind of spot on all the time and seems to have a lot of fun with clothes and enjoy fashion.” He also admires Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst, the latter of whom “has had a total image transformation this year. I just think she looks like … a modern day Grace Kelly.”

The decision to have his own show on Bravo was a natural one for the stylist, who was a fan favorite on The Rachel Zoe Project. He particularly wanted to “show … the actual process behind getting a photo shoot and getting a client and all of the work that goes into that.” He was also eager to get his family and friends involved, particularly sitcom-producing boyfriend Gary Janetti. “My boyfriend is such a great person, and he’s funny and charming and handsome and I thought, you know, why not?” Goreski says. “The main reason why I really wanted to put it out there is because … I don’t know if a lot of people see what a gay couple looks like at home and the fact that we just have a normal life … And I think that’s an important message to send out there especially at a time like this with, you know, bullying going on and, you know, so much — it seems like an increase in homophobia that I think anyway to be visible and be out and be gay is a positive thing.”

Going solo hasn’t been the easiest transition for Goreski, who says he is still hurt by the break-up from Rachel Zoe. “Working for Rachel is a very special experience … to work with somebody of her caliber and her talent and to be able to learn from her and watch her work is a really incredible thing,” he says. “I didn’t want it to be that Rachel and I could never speak again … But I just think it’s unfortunate that … [with other] people who devote a lot of time to working for her and working very hard for her … it seems that it kind of ends in similar ways … And it’s too bad because I did really enjoy Rachel and I do respect her very much.”

His flourishing styling career and new show aren’t the only projects in the pipeline, however. Goreski is also working on a book called Born To Be Brad, which will be out in February. “I get asked a lot of questions about where my influences came from, how I got into fashion, you know, what it was like interning, how do I be a good intern,” Goreski says. “All of those things are included in the book through my experience. But it’s also very much, you know, I grew up in a very small town in Canada. I was bullied all through school and it’s very much about having — about my life and kind of how all of that kind of shaped me into the person that I am today. And it was a very dark time in my life that I came out of but … I came out because I had such a strong family and I had really good friends and I had really great guidance.”

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And what about style advice for us normals? Brad has plenty of that too. His top Christmas pick this year is a basic denim shirt. “I’m obsessed,” he says. “They go with everything. Like, I’ve styled women in them with a pencil skirt and like a cute little blazer — I’m Canadian so I’m a big proponent of denim on denim and I wear it a lot. It’s basically replaced the white shirt for me. I think it’s a really cool, relaxed and still kind of, you know, modern way to put a spin on the classic white shirt.”

His ultimate fashion advice, however, is “be bold and be brave … if it’s making you happy on that day and you feel great walking out the door and you feel ready to conquer the world, then I think that’s the power of fashion. It’s the ability to be able to dress up and transform and become who we want to be on that given day or in that given moment.”

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