Brad Goreski Tells Us All About His New eBay Gig, The CFDAs, And Beyoncé

All eyes were on the perennially bow tie-clad Brad Goreski at 21 Grams in New York last night as he celebrated his new gig with eBay. The online shopping site is launching Selling Style Studio pop-up shops in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to offer fashionable listing tips and advice to sellers. As part of the Chic Squad, Goreski will be on hand in the Meatpacking District on Friday and Saturday doling out listing secrets.

Dressed in a sharp Antonio Azzuolo blazer, printed Mr. Turk pants, and a Burberry bowtie (a gift from the students at the University of Texas), we couldn’t help but wonder if Goreski is really a bargain-loving eBay shopper. We chatted with the stylist, and he filled us in on his longtime affair with with the company, this year’s CFDA Awards, and our homegirl Beyoncé.

How does it feel to be part of eBay’s Chic Squad?

I love it. It makes sense for me as a stylist and as somebody who’s constantly working with clothes. This is a problem I actually have — I’ll buy a pair of shoes, get home, and be like ‘I think I bought them half a size too small’. All the time! Why can’t I figure out how big my feet are? It doesn’t make sense! So, I think that it’s the perfect opportunity to sell your items on eBay, get money back, and put it towards the new trends and fashion finds you have.

We wouldn’t have pegged you as an eBay-er. What’s been your favorite purchase?

A green Epi leather Louis Vuitton briefcase, it was under $1,000. I’m a pretty avid buyer and searcher. I buy a lot of gifts, like vintage jewelry. It’s a really good resource for vintage YSL and vintage Lanvin. I recently just got a Barbara Streisand concert t-shirt from the mid-90s. The one thing I really, really want is a Les Miserables t-shirt from when it was happening in the ’80s. I’ve actually been looking for a while, probably six to eight months. There are reproductions, but I want the actual one. I would take a Cats t-shirt, too. I’m a musical theater queen. I’ll take any of them, but Les Mis is high on my list. Or I would take any of the Givenchy Bird of Paradise print stuff too.

You have a serious love for bowties and own about 150. What did you think about Hamish Bowles‘s sparkly accessory at the CFDAs?

Uhh, I have one coming to my hotel! What what? Marlon Gobel, who designed that bowtie, has a few extras, so I’ll be getting my paws on one of those. I think there are three in existence.

What about Seth Meyers’s Comme Des Garçons dress??

I think Seth is extremely funny and I think his job as a host was done very well. I think he even made Anna Wintour laugh, so I mean … that’s a feat. But I think Marc Jacobs definitely did it better. He had the real pilgrim shoes, come on!

And we have to ask, are you sad about not being in London during the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics?

No. I don’t know if I’m one for a Jubilee, but I’m more devastated that I missed Beyoncé in Atlantic City! That’s the kind of thing that makes me upset. Or Lana Del Rey in L.A. at the El Rey.

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