Brad Goreski On Stealing Rachel Zoe’s Clients: ‘That’s Not The Truth’

The premiere of Brad Goreski‘s solo Bravo spinoff, It’s A Brad, Brad World, is less than two weeks away, which means that both the star and the network are in serious publicity mode. Just last week we spoke to Goreski about the show, his career, and his relationship (the details of which you’ll read in all their glory on Thursday), while The Daily Beast had their own chat with Brad about the rift between him and his former boss, Rachel Zoe.

Goreski seems to be staying on a relatively diplomatic tack, though he does insinuate the feud is completely one-sided.

Goreski seems determined to try to take the high road, both on his show and during this interview. “I think it’s unfortunate that she decided to take the angle that she did because it’s not the truth,” he says carefully. “It’s unfortunate that all of the time that I spent with her, and the many lengthy conversations that we had discussing my departure from working with her, that she would choose to character assassinate me on television.”

He says that he gave Zoe two-and-a-half month’s notice before leaving the company, trained his replacement, and extended his time there in order to complete a job. “I just think it’s unfortunate that she feels so competitive with me in a way,” he says. “Because I left to create a name for myself–and not to ride on any of her coattails.” He continues: “She’s so incredibly successful, that a stylist starting out–I don’t know what kind of threat that is to her. Maybe she thinks I’m incredibly talented. Who knows.”

But when it comes to rumors about his professionalism and allegations that he stole clients from Zoe, Goreski is much more forthcoming.

“That’s not the truth,” he says now. “And she knows that’s not the truth. I didn’t even say goodbye to a lot of her clients because I didn’t want anything to be misconstrued as me soliciting anybody.” (Goreski has styled Zoe’s client, Demi Moore, but says he works with her “whenever she calls me.”)

As for Goreski’s show, according to the Beast’s description, it’s nowhere near as catty or tumultuous as The Rachel Zoe Project. Goreski opens the season with two clients: Jessica Alba, who remains off camera and Keri Hilson, who he styles for the Met Gala. The rest of his days are filled with “his dogs, chang[ing] the sheets, and… frequent trips to Physique 57.”

Sounds like a dream, if you ask us.

Brad Goreski: On Styling, His New Show & Leaving Rachel Zoe [TDB]

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