Why No One, Not Even Brad Pitt, Should Wear Leather Pants

As we were exiting the subway this morning, we saw a girl wearing leather pants. We thought to ourselves, “Well, that’s unfortunate.” And then we made our way up Broadway to the uber-stylish Styleite HQ where nobody ever wears leather pants ever. But just now we came across some photos of Brad Pitt‘s legs swathed in leather. So today has officially become the day we can’t escape leather pants.

We generally like leather. Leather shoes, bags, bomber jackets? All awesome! Leather pants? No way. They recall images of heavy metal sleezeballs and pleather-sporting middle school girls. Nobody should be allowed to wear leather pants. Except for Kanye. Kanye gets a pass because he has “the best leather pants collection since the ’80s” and because he makes red leather suits look so good.

Brad Pitt, you do not get a pass. Please take your pants off. Thanks.

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