WATCH: 5 Fashion Tips From Break-Dancing Grandma

This weekend, we had our fun under the sun at the NYC Mad Decent Block Party, which took place at the South Street Seaport along the Hudson River. A medley of bass-busting tunes took the dance-ready crowd by storm thanks to the Mad Decent artists who were ready to provide them.

Along the backdrop of majestic ships, attendees dressed themselves up into epitomes of street fashion. Think platform Docs, micro-geometric print leggings and jeans, strikingly bold lipstick, and the freshest, most crisp sneakers around — so crisp that they gave farmers’ market apples a run for their money. But not even the label’s own super stylish artist Maluca, who once blasted Lady Gaga for her soda can rollers, took the award for fashion highlight of the night.

Meet Grandma Tracy: she not only taught the audience of young bloods a thing or two about hitting the beat, but also five style tips that could help one rightfully bust out some aerodynamic moves. All aspiring break-dancers, seniors, and fashionistas, take note:

1) A loose, semi-cropped shirt provides versatility: Even if you don’t got it going on, wearing a loose shirt will create an illusion that you’re moving more than you really are. For all we know, Grandma Tracy may have a few dry joints, but it’s hard to tell under her floral white tee. And let’s face it, she can stretch and throw her hands wherever without worrying about pit stains or a ripped seam.

2) Sometimes you just got to ditch the footwear: Ever worry about scuffs ruining your shoes, or experience that abrupt immobility when you try to slide across the floor in stilettos? In the game of break dancing, you want neither. We’re citing Tracy when we say to go au natural, but throw on some socks because rug burn sucks. However, take caution: socks against a wooden pier might result in some splinters, so slide accordingly.

3) Fanny packs are inteference-proof: You don’t want something like adjusting your bag strap to ruin your run, because then you don’t look fresh — and when your break dancing doesn’t look fresh, then your spectators are going to walk away with second-hand embarrassment.

4) Pair a muted outfit with one bold-colored item: Even Grandma Tracy knows this rule of styling. The blue really brings out her outfit.

5) The best way to look good is to be young at heart: Sure she may be going through some hair greying and deteriorating skin elasticity, but admit it, her audacity to break it down to an audience half her age makes you want to include her into your social pack. She just schooled three generations with some pop ‘n’ locking, so who’s the hot one in the crowd now?

Below is the video of Grandma Tracy breaking it down on New York City’s Pier 54. We were just as enthralled as the surrounding spectators.

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