Brian Williams Has Great Taste In Scarves, Wears Man Jewelry

Earlier this month, Vanity Fair named Brian Williams one of the best dressed men in the world and now, thanks to an interview his daughter gave Lucky magazine, we know he really deserved it.

Williams, a bourgeoning actress, told Lucky that her dad picks out all her scarves — and that he’s also got an eye for purses, especially those from Kooba and Judith Leiber.

My dad has a really good eye for scarves. I get them all from him. If I go to the CO-OP at Barneys, which I almost never go to just because it’s cruel and unusual punishment to the wallet, and mention my last name they find a specific sales women that I guess my dad always works with. He goes there often to buy stuff for my mom and me. I’ve never bought my own purse; he just has an eye for them. He knows what looks good—he’s a great shopper.

He’s bought me a couple of Kooba bags in a row. For my mom, he buys higher-end ones—like those little ones that are encrusted with all the crystals, Judith Leiber.

The New York Times also missed a good reference in their “Man Jewelry” trend piece from last week. Williams, apparently, is a big fan of bracelets.

And I would also credit myself for introducing him to the idea of wearing something on his wrist. When I was little I used to make him do string bracelets all the time and watch him put them on his wrist. The fear of god was probably going through his head about them popping out on air. Now he has a bunch of these leather bracelets.

We’ll be watching his broadcasts with an eagle eye now, definitely.

[Lucky Magazine via BuzzFeed.]

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