Britney’s Cosmo Cover Is Painfully Photoshopped

We understand that making Britney Spears look anything less than a mess is no easy task. Which is why we often cut magazines some slack when they shoot her. We can only imagine what the studio looks like when she gets done with it.

But in this installment of Photoshop Experiments Gone Bad, we wish Cosmo would have been a tad bit less liberal with their magic wand. Their August cover features Britney Spears’ head and Britney Spears’ (airbrushed!) body, but as two totally separate entities. It’s as if they took half of the image from one shot, and the other half from a different shot, and cut and pasted them together, ransom-note style. In fact, that’s probably exactly what they did.

But how could Kate White or anyone else at Cosmo allow this cover to go to print? Unlike other photoshopping errs, this one is literally impossible to miss. Could it be that the glossy is actively trying to make people notice the hackjob they did to Britney’s neck?

Yesterday, former Jezebel managing editor Anna Homes’ tweet about magazines purposefully screwing with photoshop as an attention-getting method seemed a bit of an extremist theory. But today, it’s looking a bit more like an entirely valid point.

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