WATCH: Gaga Inspires Bruce Willis To Wear Raw Meat Toupee

Last night, Bruce Willis brought new meaning to the term “Salt and Pepper” hair, while wearing a raw, 100% ground beef sirloin hair piece on The Late Show with David Letterman. Willis, who cited Lady Gaga as his meaty inspiration, told Letterman the toupee was remarkably low maintenance and only required a daily shower routine of “lather, rinse, repeat, and tenderize.” But the best part might have been when Willis seasoned his scalp liberally with salt and pepper, handed Letterman a fork, and asked him to take a bite.


And in case you can’t watch the video — or feel inclined to see a stop-motion reenactment of the process — you can take a look at the gallery below. Priceless.

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Dan Abrams, Founder