PHOTOS: Sex, Drugs, And Style In Bruno Mars’ GQ Cover Story

Everyone’s favorite fedora-sporting crooner Bruno Mars covers the second annual GQ “Style Bible” issue, and while he may look like the perfectly coiffed gentleman as he poses in an Armani tux, a Saint Laurent suit, and other spiffy threads, Mars’ raunchy side is on full display in the profile inside.

For the piece, writer Chris Heath begins with a tour of the singer’s Los Angeles home, which sounds relatively modest if you discount the shiny brass palm tree holding court in his backyard, and follows him one night as he galavants through his favorite casino. Seemingly leaving no vice untapped, they talk about Mars’ favorite topic to sing about (sex), his 2010 arrest for cocaine possession, gambling skills, and signature chapeau, which, naturally, he first purchased in a casino gift shop.

On why he like to sing about sex:

“It feels good to sing about. It feels…sexy. It puts you in a sexy frame of mind. It feels good to project. Sex is a great party starter.”

On what he learned from being arrested just as his first single was climbing the charts:

“‘I can take this shit away from you, young man.’ That was the lesson. You’ve slaved away for years and years and years. You’ve prepped your whole life. It’s all you know how to do. You’re a kid experiencing life in fucking Sin City, and that was the lesson: It can all be taken away. Put you in a weird place. Embarrass you.”

And, finally, the story behind the hat:

On the way out, we pass the casino shop, Moiselle Menswear, where they sell all kinds of gaudy stuff that might appeal to a temporarily flush cardplayer. Mars tells me about the time he was gambling with his friend Mo, about six months before his career took off, and had won about $600. “I was, ‘Let’s do some dumb shit, let’s go to that pimp store over there,’ ” he says. He’d just cut his hair, and he was finding it weird walking around with less weight on his head than he was used to. That was when he saw the hat—a gray fedora. It was his first fedora, the very hat that helped launch a pop career. “The one you see in every video.”

Eventually it began to fall apart.

“It’s in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” he says.

(He’s bluffing. It’s actually in his mother’s house back in Hawaii.)

Pick up the issue on newsstands March 26, and check out some of the photos in the gallery below:


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