BryanBoy Is ‘Waiting For Prince Harry To Come Out And Have A Sex Tape’

Who’s excited for the premiere of America’s Next Top Model tonight? We sure are!

Yesterday we gave you the lowdown on ANTM judge Kelly Cutrone‘s former poetry aspirations, feelings about the Olympics, and the extra-special Skype sessions she arranges between her mom and fellow judge Rob Evans. Well, today we have another Q+A, this time with the show’s first-ever social media correspondent and veteran fashion blogger BryanBoy!

To help fans remember the show’s new time slot (8PM on The CW, y’all!), Tyra Banks and crew have come up with the very memorable hashtag #FierceFriday4some, which also serves to indicate the four judges: Tyra, Kelly, Rob, and YOU. Because this season, for the first time ever, fans have had a chance to vote online, submit videos, and weigh in on the their favorite models, which is exactly where social media superstar BryanBoy comes in.

Styleite: So obviously you’re new to the show this season. What was it like coming in to the franchise as an outsider?

BryanBoy: It’s funny because for the longest time I was like ‘I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do it.’ But then I thought, ‘Well, I’ve been blogging for eight years and it’s a different platform for me and it’s a lot of pressure.’ Since I’m a blogger, fans have their expectations and it’s a lot of pressure. What I really love about this cycle though is that they really integrated the fans into the picture, people have a voice, our YouTube videos are being monitored by me, and being filtered. I’m just helping give the fans a voice on the show.

What was monitoring the social media like? Was there a lot of input to go through?

It’s really intense. Fans are really passionate about different girls. The thing about fans is that they’re really hardcore. If they support someone that they like, they’ll support them throughout the whole show. It’s very one-sided almost. Their girl is always doing good no matter what she does. It’s so like fashion, in a way. As a blogger, if I see a model that I like, you know, I judge them by their work. So sometimes, if a model is not doing so good, I’ll be like, ‘She’s doing really bad! I don’t like her any more.’ But fans are really different. They have a certain stereotype, they all love a certain look. So some girls who I like, the fans don’t see potential. So during elimination I cry, but in reality it’s mostly just my contacts drying up. But yeah, I cried. I cried a few times in the show because some of the girls that I’m rooting for get voted off.

So did you feel like you connected with some of the models?

Yes! I mean, I can understand where they’re coming from because it’s a competition, they came from the middle of nowhere, I came from the middle of nowhere. I came from the Philippines born and raised and I know how it feels to have a dream and to want that dream to happen. And these girls are really fighting for it, they’re competing for it. Just like with me, I have all these goals and stuff that I want to do still and I have to fight for it just like them. So I have a lot of things in common with the girls like the passion and drive to do something good.

What did you think about the college element of the show?

Well, it’s funny how one of the girls went to an online college, and I kind of did too! I think it’s a great start, it’s a great theme especially now with all new judges, all new cast, a lot of new stuff going on. It’s kind of like starting afresh, starting new. So I think I like that element.

And do you think getting an education can help someone be a good model?

Well, I think education is really important for the job because it trains you and gives you discipline. Especially in fashion you need a lot of discipline, a lot of restraint, you have to follow instruction. Fashion is not the easiest business in the world. I may have been blogging for eight years but the first show that I went to was, like, four or five years ago. And interacting with the people that I meet and seeing how the industry works — you really have to have the knowledge, and you can get that through education. I’m not saying you have to be academically smart. You have to know your angles, you have to do your pictures, you have to have a love for what you’re doing, but it really teaches you that discipline and restraint.

So tell me about your first time meeting Tyra.

Oh my gosh. The first time I was so shocked. I was like, ‘Ahhhh!’ It’s funny, though. The first time I went to the show was the first judging panel and before that I had to psych myself up. I was in China, I was there for a trip, and I couldn’t make it to the first episode so as soon as I got to LAX I went straight to judges’ panel. 18 hour flight, no sleep, put my makeup on, put my clothes on. So I really had no time to digest. But over the past two months that we’ve been taping and working together I’ve been blown away. I remember many, many years ago watching from my sofa in the Philippines in the third world like ‘Who’s gonna leave tonight? She shouldn’t have to leave! She should leave!’ It’s completely surreal.

Did she mentor you throughout the show?

Yeah, I remember in our secret location we had breakfast just the two of us at like 6:30 in the morning. I would never have imagined doing that with her. But she’s a really professional woman. She knows what she wants, she gets things done, without any blah, blah bullshit. She’s taught me a lot about how TV works. It’s kind of like it’s my first time going to a real college — you can learn a lot from a media personality like her.

And we’ve got to ask: thoughts on Prince Harry’s naked escapades?

Oh my god. Well, he has a great body, I mean I’m really surprised because I used to be all about Prince William and then all of a sudden you have this dark knight, the dark ginger. I’ve got it, you know? I’m just waiting for a sex tape.


With me! I’m just waiting for Prince Harry to come out and have a sex tape going on. I mean, all these things going on in Vegas are Ryan Lochte’s doing. I would be amazed if you know Paul Ryan, Ryan Lochte, and Ryan Gosling all had a little thing going on.

So there you have it, folks! BryanBoy’s very own fantasy #FierceFriday4some.

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