Burlesque Dancers Covered In Fake Blood Is a Thing That’s Happening


You know what’s coming, so let’s kick things off with a quick quiz that should predict the quality of your life for the rest of it. When someone asks you, what did you do for Labor Day weekend, you respond:

a. I mostly slept and in my dreams, I was plotting my next tweets.

b. Celebrated National Fruit Mustard Day by making myself some neat-o sandwiches.

c. Popped bottles in a summer place where dudes wear pocket squares and do the move when they snap and form a gun with their hand

d. I watched burlesque dancers get gallons of fake blood dumped on them in Brooklyn, and it was hot.

Intrigued by D? It’s horror striptease – where if things go as planned, dancers should look like Carrie – will be a thing Friday at Kings County Bar in Brooklyn. It’s for people who would like to be aroused, but would also like it better if they were repulsed at the same time. If that doesn’t give you a boner, then you should probably just enjoy your dream tweets (a.)

Pretty Liz is our reaction to the fact that there’s going to be a psychic surgery number.


h/t: DNAInfo

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