C. Wonder Slapped With A Copyright Lawsuit By Etsy Artist

C. Wonder is the brainchild of Tory Burch‘s ex-husband, Chris. As such, his company sells apparel and homegoods that some say resemble Burch’s wares, even if he doesn’t think so. In the latest edition of This Thing That Looks Like That Thing, C. Wonder is accused of copying an elephant and balloon image by Bulgarian artist Zlatka Pirin Paneva, and slapping it onto its own line of homegoods.

C. Wonder sold several home items with what Los Angeles-based Paneva alleges to be her illustrations, one of which is an elephant with a heart-shaped cluster of red balloons tied around its stomach. Paneva filed a copyright lawsuit two months ago in California. The plaintiff claims that she was never approached by Burch. Paneva creates surrealist drawings on the pages of a dictionary, which she then sells on her Etsy page. The art goes for around $10, so she’s not exactly rolling in the deep (unlike Beyonce and Jay-Z!).

The C. Wonder items with Paneva’s illustration are no longer available online, but nothing is gone forever on the Internet. Paneva’s original illustration is on the left, while C. Wonder’s plastic tray is on the left. We think the similarity pretty obvious. What do you think?

[You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice via Racked]

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