107 Garment Workers Fainted In Cambodian Factory This Week

In today’s edition of WTF, 107 workers reportedly fainted in a Cambodian garment factory this week.

According to WWD, employees of Sabrina Garment Mfg. Corp. fainted in a factory that is believed to produce apparel for Nike Inc. Local media blame the fainting to overexposure to chemicals and poor ventilation, but Nike has yet to release a statement.

The Community Legal Education Center, a human rights group in Cambodia, uploaded photos onto their Facebook page of individuals with intravenous drops. People are seen lying inside and outside of what seems to be a hospital or clinic.

If you thought this is terrible, this isn’t even the first time that mass faintings have occurred. 284 workers fainted in a factory that produces apparel for H&M last August and in June, 49 workers in a factory that produces for Puma also fainted.

Last week, garment workers were beaten by police during a protest. This week, they’re fainting. The situation is truly dispicable and it’s hard to stomach the fact that workers operate in terrible conditions. We’ll certainly think twice before buying anything from any of the labels.


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