Is Cameron Diaz Leaving Hollywood For The Fashion Business?

Cameron Diaz has an unrivaled pair of limbs, which surely gives her a very particular set of skills in the shoe department, but is that enough for her to make the grade as an artistic director for footwear and accessories label Pour La Victoire? We need some major convincing.

Don’t get us wrong, we have worshiped Diaz ever since she and her shoe closet were stalked in There’s Something About Mary, and think her personal style is definitely on par with Hollywood’s most influential style setters, but we imagine that her fashion resume definitely reads more along the lines of a brand ambassador. But according to Cam, that’s just not her style:

She told WWD:

“I don’t do endorsements really. This is completely different. Being influential in a brand and in its [advertising] campaigns interests me. I love fashion. It’s a large part of my life. What I wear is looked at. It influences what other people wear because that’s just the world we live in.”

While we admire that the actress wants to get her hands dirty in the business, rather than be a hands-off face of the brand, we just don’t think she has the experience, and even more importantly the time, to be a full-fledged artistic director, whose job entails merchandising, marketing, and advertising. Even Diaz herself admits she has much learning to do

She admitted ‘some trepidation’ to WWD:

“Pour La Victoire gives me the opportunity to create something timeless. There’s a lot I have to learn about the business. I’m interested in learning how collections are created. The word ‘fun,’ I want to say that it’s going to be fun, but it’s deeper than that.”

Perhaps this is Pour La Victoire’s way of showing their appreciation for her not only getting involved on the creative end, but also taking an undisclosed stake in the company. Although, Chris Nakatani, C.E.O of Pour La Victoire, seems to argue strongly that it’s truly an organic partnership.

“We want her to have her influence on the entire line,” he explained. “This just can’t be another celebrity endorsement deal and that’s why she took an equity stake in the company. She has a vested interest in its long-term success.”

Whether or not you have your reservations about Diaz’s new gig, its intriguing to take a look at what she’s done so far. According to Pour La Victoire, the star was on set when Terry Richardson lensed their current advertising campaign starring Jessica Hart, and provided her input throughout the process. As for what we can look for on the design end, we’ll have to wait until next spring, but for now you can view all the behind-the-scenes images below, and decide for yourself whether or not you think she’s got the chops to take the company to new heights.

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