WATCH: Being A Model Makes Cameron Russell Feel Guilty

We’ve long admired Cameron Russell for being so outspoken about the modeling industry, and her TEDxMidAtlantic talk in December was nothing short of eye-opening. But she’s not a one-trick pony, and in an interview with ABC Nightline, the 25-year-old Boston native continues to speak out about the industry, and reveals her plan to transform feminist artists, writers, and more into “runway-ready glamazons” as part of her upcoming magazine.

The reporter claims that models are basically winners of the genetic lottery, to which Russell agrees and explains: “The barrier to entry to being a model is not hard work — you don’t need a degree, you don’t need to win an award. It’s just about how you look.” Despite feeling guilty for perpetuating the skinny white model stereotype, Russell will continue to model, but hopes that the “benefits will outweigh the cost”.

Of course, the “genetic lottery” thing isn’t news to us, but it’s just so refreshing to hear a model speak so candidly about her own industry. We’re particularly intrigued by Russell’s efforts to help feminists get heard by turning them into “glamazons”, as defined by mainstream media.

Catch it all right here for your daily dose of #realtalk:

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