VIDEO: Nicole Richie Talks The Great Gender Divide (Harem Pants)

In the latest installment of #CandidlyNicole, Nicole Richie goes shopping with friends Ben Lyons and Erin Foster to help Foster prep for a first date. When she emerges from the dressing room in Harem pants, Lyons’ head explodes.

“What the f*ck are Harem pants?” he asks, and his buddy Nicole is there to demonstrate by grabbing at the baggy crotch of the Harem pants that she — surprise! — is wearing at the time. “There is a difference in what a girl thinks is cute, and what a guy thinks is cute,” she offers as an explanation for the male-confounding trend.

As the episode goes on, Richie breaks down what guys like women to wear (tight skirts, tight tops), and Ben bites back with nitpicks about her entire outfit (and, by extension, the way women dress).

“Everything you’re wearing right now is loud. Your sweater’s getting all over me, you’re wearing M.C. Hammer pants, you’ve got the huge Mr. T chain on.” It becomes clear that women dress for other women, and men… are confused by most of what we put together.

See what Richie would never wear in front of her husband, the accessory that makes him instantly hate her friends, and the outfit that finally brings Ben around to Harem pants. For more #CandidlyNicole, see her adventures in tramp stamp removal, and her her outing with a very chic florist.


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