WATCH: Nicole Loves Sleep So Much It Cuts Into Her Porn Watching

We’d blame it on helming a fashion empire and being responsible for two miniature humans, but perennial sufferer of #firstworldproblems Nicole Richie has something larger on her plate: she’s exhausted from sleeping so hard. She can’t even enjoy porn without falling asleep, which is like, the actual worst.

In the latest episode of #CandidlyNicole Richie visits a sleep clinic to have answered a pressing question: “Am I just in love with sleep, or do I actually have a sleep problem?” Apparently she’s not alone. A Tweet from May in which she declared being awake to be overrated has so far garnered 3,270 RTs and 283 favorites. Though most of those are probably coming from people lacking sleep rather than ODing on it.

Of course the meeting is less about getting to the crux of an important issue than it is about making other people feel awkward. Watch the video below to see Nicole ask her specialists about watching porn, sleeping naked, and jizzing in the sleep lab.

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