WATCH: Cara Delevingne Stars in a Scary Movie for W Magazine

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Cara Delevingne has made no secret of her desire to be a lead actress. And though she doesn’t yet have any Tim Burton on her resume, she does have a very bulky and very schizophrenic Instagram feed.

This morning it lead from raucous party snaps to a close-up of Cara resembling The Ring’s Samara, which we would have passed off as a hangover if it weren’t for the caption ‘Do you like scary movies??’

The ‘gram then links to this short film directed by Ruth Hogben for W magazine. And yeah, Come and Find Me is pretty scary. Over the course of four minutes our protagonist goes from traipsing through a secret garden to being chased by male dominatrixes and coming face-to-face with a latex-clad version of herself doing the Macarena in slow-motion, as if that dance weren’t frightening enough already when people do it in slogan tees and mom jeans.

Speaking of, the styling really raises the bar for the fast-growing creepy fashion film genre. In white Valentino and gothy Meadham Kirchoff platforms Cara is part The Secret Garden’s Mary Lennox and part Tim Burton’s Weird Alice. And what better for sitting atop a throne of leather-bound men than all the regal trimmings from Alexander McQueen Fall 2013?

Watch the film below, with fashion by W’s Edward Enniful and music by electronic producer/giver of nightmares Lukid, who you will never be able to listen to after dark.

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