WATCH: Why Carey Mulligan Won’t Be Seeing Gatsby This Weekend

We’re deep in the throes of a Great Gatsby fever, but at least one notable name has no interest in seeing the film in theaters tomorrow. Carey Mulligan, who happens to play Daisy, the crown jewel of the story and Gatsby’s long-lost love interest.

“I’ve seen it once,” the star told Jon Stewart last night on The Daily Show, which he has a hard time believing. “Yeah,” she goes on, “ugh, I can’t watch myself!” She literally cringes and mock-hides behind her hands, presumably at the thought of seeing her dreadful self on screen. We kind of get it, we don’t even like hearing our own voicemail recording sometimes.

Stewart shares our enthusiasm for the film, saying “Baz Luhrmann is probably the king of audacious-ness.” Which Mulligan can accept, “it’s spectacular,” she says of the one time she managed to watch. She goes on to explain that the decadent period piece is particularly relevant right now because, as Jon so Stewartly puts it, the ’20s are said to be the time that the American Dream died, “and then I guess we limped along for another 80 years, and then killed it again.”

In an unsurprisingly perfect little black top with an exposed zipper down the back (nice camera work, Comedy Central!), Mulligan shared details on how that classic Luhrmann party scene felt to shoot, “it’s so huge… there are 400 people dressed like they did in the 1920s, and you walk into the middle of it and it’s…kind of strange.”

In the video below, Mulligan spills on the specificity of Catherine Martin’s costume design (that’s Baz’s wife, by the way), and a certain on-set piece of technology that knocked her off her feet. We promise that you (unlike Carey, evidently) will want to watch:

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