Carine Roitfeld Tells Karl Lagerfeld His Fit Models Are Fat

Way back when (read: June), we reported that Carine Roitfeld would be attending the fall couture shows as a fake client for W. Now the pictures (and video!) are here!

The 12-minute short film documenting the experience is really great. Though we can’t embed it, we highly recommend you watch it here. Seeing Carine interact with everyone is pretty delightful — she’s just so cool! “I have to find a way to take a piece from all these different houses, and still be myself,” she says of the assignment. “It’s a difficult job, I think, in a way. You want to still be Carine. To be Carine is mostly a skirt, now I like tights, go back to tights. I like fitted waist, and I’m happy because it shows a very bit of Russian wind on the runway, and I’m half-Russian and I love that mood.”

At the Chanel show, Carine tells Karl Lagerfeld that she loved the darkening of Place Vendome. Karl responds in an appropriately weird way: “It had to be dark, in daylight it looks rubbish, like a GPS.” Sure. Later on during her Chanel fitting, she calls Karl up on her cell phone to chat about what she should wear for the spread. “Your models are a bit fat, Karl,” she says, referring to the fact that the clothes hang loosely on her. However, later at Versace, the clothes are too snug. “It’s a bit small,” Carine says bashfully to Donatella. And then in an interview on the street:

“It’s a bit difficult in front of the mirror to look at you, and to try on these dresses that fit these very giant girls with very skinny bodies. ‘Hmmm, the zipper don’t go up,’ you know? And there is this lady trying to push the zip up, but when it’s Donatella that is trying to help you dress, or Jean Paul Gaultier, this is a lot of fun, no? This is the luxe.”

Speaking of Gaultier, Carine charmingly jokes with the designer about speaking English in their thick French accents, and then she visits Azzedine Alaïa who works personally with all of his clients. Carine also goes “shopping” for shoes and jewelry. It’s all rather dreamy. Sigh. Do yourself a favor and watch, okay? Also, pictures! And words!

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