5 Reasons We Think Carine Roitfeld Wasn’t Fired

There’s this rumor going around that Carine Roitfeld didn’t leave Vogue Paris voluntarily, which means that she was, you know, fired. Someone who styles himself as an insider told Trend Land that Roitfeld was fired because she refused to devote an entire issue to the brands owned by LVMH. In a recent interview with Roitfeld, WWD‘s reporters noted speculation that Roitfeld might have been under pressure to include more advertisers in her shoots, but she continued to publish pretty pictures of the clothes she liked. Still, we don’t think that’s what caused her departure from the magazine, and here’s why:

1) She can’t stop talking about all the freedom she had. Roitfeld’s tenure at Vogue Paris will probably always be remembered for the high risks she took with her shoots, and she’s told everyone from WWD to the NYT that Conde Nast International CEO “Jonathan [Newhouse] … gave me total freedom, and God knows I pushed the boundaries.”

2) What company asks for an entire issue of a magazine be devoted to them? Even if there was pressure on Roitfeld to be a little nicer to the advertisers (and in this climate, we can imagine there was) what company would actually be so bold as to ask for every page of it’s most important advertiser to be about them? That would damage the credibility of Vogue, and LVMH wouldn’t have anywhere near as powerful to put it’s shiny ads.

3) Circulation increased 45 percent under her reign. No, it’s not the benchmark of how successful a magazine is, but greater circulation means advertisers have to pay more, which means a magazine takes home more money every month. Carine was already good for business — really, really good for business. It wouldn’t make sense for her to be fired.

4) She was — and still is — a fashion genius. Roitfeld is, arguably, one of the greatest fashion editors of our time, and if you want to be the best, you don’t fire the best. Most of the heads in the industry are still reeling about who will replace her.

5) When Conde Nast fires someone, they tend to be pretty honest about it. Um, does anyone remember when Carol Smith got let go? There was no hand wringing or sad columns across the blogosphere about her departure, just a few quick statements from the top brass and a farewell party that probably wasn’t even publicized. Carine’s voluntary departure comes with the appropriate coordinating accoutrement of a queen who chose to lay down her crown.

But who knows? maybe this is all an elaborate scheme to get us to not be mad at Conde Nast for firing one of its greatest editors? The world may never know.

Carine Roitfeld to Depart French Vogue [WWD (Subscription Required)]

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