Carine Roitfeld Loves Karaoke And Wants To Be A Bartender

Just how great is Carine Roitfeld? So great. We love her. And we are so jealous that the TimesEric Wilson got to sit down with the irreverent editrix who is celebrating her mag’s 90th year. We compiled some of our fave Carine quotes below — enjoy!

On the difference between Vogue in 2010 and Vogue in 1920: I think we have less freedom. Today some pictures would not even be publishable. It’s not just about the nudity, but when you talk about things politically, the military, kids, it would all be politically incorrect and not publishable today. We have to fight to keep this un-politically correct attitude of French Vogue, but it’s more and more difficult to be able do that. You cannot smoke, you cannot show arms, you cannot show little girls, because everyone now is very anxious not to have problems with the law.

On how Anna motivated her to discover young designers: It’s good that Anna Wintour was the one who needed to kick our butt, in a way, to do something. She did a lot in America, but in Paris, we were a bit slow. Now we understand, and we’ve seen so much return that we are going to be more and more aware to help.

On who’s hot now: I am very surprised by someone like Alexander Wang. I am amazed how he is good with fashion, with business, with public relations himself, with an attitude in his clothes that is spoken immediately. And I think a young guy called Joseph Altuzarra, who went to New York, is the next one to be big. The clothes he makes are very beautiful, and they are very wearable.

On the hassle of Fashion Week: Sometimes I think, Why do I have to go to a show? Half an hour driving, half an hour waiting, seeing the show, then half an hour back. And when I get back, I see the show on the Internet. Sometimes it goes too quick sometimes.

On “her song”: “You’re So Vain.” I think in this business, it’s a good song. It’s dedicated to a lot of people.

On what’s next: I have a new job now: bartender. That is my dream, and also to open a karaoke.

[via NY Times]

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