9 Things More Interesting Than Carine Roitfeld Being An Editor Again

It has been six long months since Carine Roitfeld and Vogue Paris parted ways. In that time, Carine has written a book and partnered with Barneys, Chanel, and possibly V Magazine. But what is she going to do in the longterm? Certainly a lady like Carine can’t freelance forever, right?!

First there were rumors of her launching a French version of Harper’s Bazaar, and now we’re told she might be launching an independent fashion magazine instead. To which we say: YAWN.

All this hearsay is rather boring! Former awesome editrix to re-enter magazine world? Well, sure, it makes sense. But there are a lot of way more interesting things she could do. Allow us to wildly speculate about what Carine will become in the coming months!

1. Karaoke bar owner: She’s already expressed interest!

2. Nun: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

3. Kanye‘s tour manager: They’re besties.

4. Model: She did it once, she could do it again. Maybe she’ll give Kristen McMenamy a run for her money?

5.  Full-time party promoter: Because, you know, VODKA.

6. Clorox spokesperson: All white everything.

7. McDonald’s cashier: The French love them some McDonald’s, known affectionately as McDo.

8. Lara Stone‘s PR rep: She’s well on her way.

9. Avon lady: Why the hell not?

Choose wisely, Carine. We’re all watching. (And blogging.)

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