NYFW: Carine Roitfeld On New York Street Style and ‘Twisting’

Carine Roitfeld must be sick of watching herself on screen by now.

We first bumped into her at Daily Front Row’s inaugural Fashion Media Awards, which she sort-of gracefully evacuated halfway through, grazing our right arm(!) on her way out to host the New York premiere for her new documentary Mademoiselle C.

At a second preview screening at Hearst Tower last night, she introduced the documentary by saying she didn’t realize how tough it was to watch herself on a giant screen (“I didn’t realize it would be so personal”). This is probably why we found her hiding in a small room backstage with the film’s mastermind and her dear friend Fabien Constant.

Granted it must be annoying to have to watch your own face for over an hour when you’re used to ‘twisting’. This is what Carine calls, in slightly broken but fascinatingly descriptive English, ‘seeking inspiration’.

“Yes there have been good shows, but it’s not finished,” she insists, fielding our inquiries about whether there were any particular designers she enjoyed in New York this season. “I’m always twisting, there are always people to meet. I always keep my eyes open because everything is twisting me. Sometimes it could be someone sitting in the audience – I have a quick sense of observation.”

While the shows themselves might almost be boring her (“What I saw exciting… Not a lot of things” she says with a cheeky glint in her eye that makes it difficult to tell if she’s being serious), she loves the street style. The peacocking, if you will. “The people, the energy is what I like very much in New York.” Outside Milk Studios is where both her and Fabien prefer to do their style-stalking.

As for the film, it’s a personal and often hilarious look at the making of CR Fashion Book’s first issue. We were ushered back into the theater, and luckily didn’t miss Carine’s favorite scene – Karl Lagerfeld looking amazingly awkward pushing her granddaughter around in a stroller. “She’s cute, but she doesn’t talk much,” he remarks.

‘Twisting’ – try using it in a sentence today. Even better, try doing it – even Carine sanctions taking your eyes off the runway sometimes.

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