What Will Carla Bruni Do To Keep You Away From Her Unborn Child?

France’s First Lady (in style and in politics) Carla Bruni says she gets why people are so fascinated with her unborn child. But she says that regardless of the interest the press has with the child she’s about to deliver, she’s would like for everyone who doesn’t need to be in this childs life to just leave him or her the hell alone.

Bruni, who tried earlier this year to conceal her pregnancy with her clothing, said on a French TV news program that no one is going to see this child until it’s old enough to decide whether it wants to be seen at all.

“You don’t have a child for the gallery,” Bruni told TF1 television in an interview.

“I understand the media interest (but) for children it’s not possible. I will do everything to protect this infant and I’ll be absolutely rigorous. I will never show photos of this child, I will never expose this child,” she said.

We have to say, in an era where celebrities can make millions of dollars for the first public pictures of their children, the line Bruni is drawing in the sand is fairly refreshing. We’re just wondering whether or not it’s realistic.

And that’s because at 42, Bruni is still one of the most photographed women in the world. This summer she and her baby bump were spotted hanging out on the beach with her husband, but before she unveiled the bump her unusually loose clothing made and every time she steps outside flashbulbs burst open like water ballons hitting a large child’s skin in the summer. She can’t avoid the press, so unless she’s having her husband the president build this child a series of underground tunnels in France, we don’t see how this kid will avoid being photographed.

But we’ll bet Carla will do anything to avoid that happening.


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