Guess What Carla Bruni Misses About Not Being Pregnant?

Being pregnant requires a lot of sacrifices. You can’t wear parts of your wardrobe, you have to give up some of your favorite foods and you’re restricted to some pretty tame physical activities. And Carla Bruni, the former supermodel and current First Lady of France, says she’s way, way over it.

But that’s to be expected if you’re used to living your life a certain way for so long — and for Bruni, drinking and smoking cigarettes are just part of the ultra chic French status quo. Bruni told French daily newspaper Le Parisien that she’s exhausted not being able to do her favorite things, and that she cannot wait to deliver this baby so she can get back to her regular routine.

“Frankly, I cannot stand it,” she said. “I have to stay sitting or lying most of the time, cannot smoke or drink wine. I cannot wait for it to end.”

Oh man. The baby could be born as soon as the beginning of October, but until then she’s stuck in the Elysee Palace, hanging out, not smoking or drinking and getting used to the idea that she’s about to produce another human life. C’est la vie.

[The Huffington Post]

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