Carolina Herrera Hates Normcore, Fatties in Crop Tops, Old People: Happy NYFW!


Carolina Herrera is suffering in New York City traffic, having her eyes burned out by our carefree, DGAF summer street style this New York Fashion Week. Confident women’s flagrant and unapologetic body positivity should constitute abuse, really. She does not appreciate our normcore, she does not appreciate crop tops on us lumpy and misshapen soft-bellied monsters, and she does not appreciate women of a certain age wearing whatever they want. She tells Page Six

On normcore:

“If you look at the people walking around the streets of New York at this moment, it is horrendous!…I have never seen people so badly dressed in my life! It’s amazing the way they look! I don’t know why…I don’t know what’s going on…but it’s really, really bad.”

On crop tops:

“When you are very young and you have a wonderful figure you can pull it off…but whenever I see this style, it’s usually on the wrong person…I was sitting in traffic this morning looking at the people on the street, and I thought…‘What’s going on here?’ Everybody is wearing the wrong clothes. Proportion is very important. Wear clothes that are flattering to your figure and appropriate for your personality.”

On ageist body-shaming:

“You have to dress to flatter your body. You don’t have to dress a certain way because fashion is saying that you have to wear miniskirts. Some people don’t have the legs — or the age.”

God forbid people of diverse body types — anything outside mainstream fashion’s definition of “a wonderful figure” — enjoy seasonal trends like everyone else in the industry. You know why it’s great that everyone you see on the street is wearing crop tops, regardless of “figure flattery”? Because it means that normal people have realized that they can do it, too. If baring your knees past the age of 40 makes you feel good, then guess what? It does fit your personality. It’s probably wasn’t easy for every single woman on the street revealing her midriff to do so, and how dare anyone shame that accomplishment? Or maybe it was extremely easy for someone to finally flaunt a body she loves in spite of the fact that it doesn’t fit some mainstream ideal of beauty standards, because everyone else is doing it, too. And how dare anyone take that away from her?

If you’d like to let Carolina Herrera know that you don’t give a fuck, feel free to loiter around her runway show at Lincoln Center either channeling Mindy Kaling’s irreverent crop top pride, or showing off your varicose veins à la Elaine Stritch’s pantsless wonder. I’m going to post up outside with my nipples out and glare holes through her outfit.

[Page Six]

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