Police On The Prowl For Retail-Loving, Cat-Masked Thief

Looks like someone in New York is following the stiletto-imprinted tracks of one of DC Comic’s sexiest femme fatales. A peculiar wanted poster is making the rounds on the streets of the concrete jungle, and though we can’t help but think it is someone’s art doodles on display, the poster is indeed telling a true tale. In the last week, two stores have fallen victim to a feline-masked burglar who managed to scurry away from the scenes with a sum of $586 – and New York Post has the hilariously narrated details behind last week’s news of the (fashionably) weird.

The two targeted stores? Yuppie centrals, which is interesting because DC’s Catwoman is an antihero, a “whip-carrying burglar with a taste for high-stake thefts” — in this case, higher-end specialized stores.

On Thursday at 1:30 Pm, the amber-eyed, 5-foot-6 female weighing 115 pounds and possibly of Middle Eastern descent, according to the article, strolled into the East Village’s high-end shoe store Arche . Caught on camera, she perused the store for about 45 minutes before putting on her disguise and approaching the sales clerk with a note that read, “Give me the money. I have a gun.” With only $86 in return, she could have been better off stealing a pair of heels with more face value.

The following day, she made off with $500 from a The Body Shop store in Forest Hills, Queens, after hissing orders to hand over the cash. This time she traded in her cat mask for a burqa wrapped around her head. Authorities are currently searching for the suspect, but in the unfortunate case of a comeback, we can’t help but wonder what the next costume change might be. Drag make-up? Plastic doll masks à la “Sugar and Spice?”

Or better yet, a pseudo-Batman will swing into the crime scene and unveil the suspect’s identity.

[Image via New York Post]

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