Everyone Knows That Celebs Get Paid To Sit In The Front Row, Right?

While it was certainly fun to spot celebs and Olympians at New York Fashion Week, deep down inside, we knew that they were being paid a hefty sum just to sit in the front row.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, stars like Allison Williams and Rihanna don’t just attend fashion shows for the fun of it. Contracts “upward to six-figure arrangements” are drawn up for the stars, and can include combinations of “cash, clothes, and travel”. But other stars like Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron have contracts with major fashion houses, and are likely obligated to show up at shows.

Stylist and co-owner of Decadestwo Cameron Silver went on record with what everyone knows and is too afraid to say:

“They fly them out and put them up and offer a nice Paris or Milan holiday, unless they’re contractually obliged to attend. Others pay them an appearance fee.”

In 2010, Fashionista published a short list of how much A, B, and C-listers were paid to sit pretty in the front row. Rihanna was inexplicably at the top with a reported paycheck of $100,000 or higher, while Amanda Bynes and Kim Kardashian were unsurprisingly at the bottom, though they still command a startling $25,000. 

So, who is not surprised?


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Dan Abrams, Founder