WATCH: Chanel’s Holiday Video Has Paper Bottles, No Brad Pitt

Sadly, Chanel did not enlist Brad Pitt to recite “The Night Before Christmas” for this year’s holiday video. Perhaps the actor was a tad too busy tracking down toys for his brood in the south of France and remaining “blissfully protected” from the many, many parodies of his first ad for the house?

That’s not to say the festive film isn’t still a treat for the eyes, however. The minute-long clip begins with a shot of a white sheet of paper, which appears solid until a bottle-shaped cutout begins to rise, revealing a gilded layer beneath and a cloud of shimmering interlocking-Cs. This bottle is then joined by dozens more, springing up one by one to an appropriately dramatic score.

Between this and Dior‘s seasonal video, pop-up books really have been the go-to motif for high fashion holiday greetings this year, have you noticed? Well, pop-up books and Star Wars.

Watch the Chanel holiday video below:

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Dan Abrams, Founder