Chanel Is Suing a Salon Owner Named Chanel Because She Thinks She Can Use Her Own Name


Chanel seems like such a sweet, friendly brand — except for the times when they swoop in and challenge small town salons to a duel. (Chanel specializes in the world of cowboys.)

Chanel Jones, whose mother may or may not have been a fan of interlocking C chain belts, made the mistake of opening an Indiana salon under her own name called Chanel’s Salon. Chanel is suing, claiming that this humble salon is benefiting from Chanel’s already established reputation.

From the looks of it, the salon probably isn’t trying to copy Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment. It’s in a strip mall, and the Yelp profile features brides in updos acting like they’re in an ad for phone sex. They wear tiaras that make them look like the princesses they could become if they just got to keep going to a salon with a chi chi French name. It’s a tricky law suit, because normally under the laws that apply here, an individual has a right to use his or her own name for a business. But Chanel has huge brand recognition and a household name associated with Dallas cowboys, Versailles, and quilted bags, so it could go either way.

More importantly, what are you wearing to this hearing?

[The Fashion Law]

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