Planes, Escalades, And Pedicures: Inside Chanel’s Numéros Privés Exhibit

Maybe we’re naive, but when we read the words “travel to and from Las Vegas will be provided,” we assumed we’d be flying gratis on JetBlue. But this is Chanel we’re talking about; we should have known better.

Instead, we were picked up from our apartment in a Lincoln towncar, the window of which was emblazoned with the brand’s iconic logo of interlocking-Cs, and taken to Teterboro airport where a fleet (thirteen!) of private, 8-seater planes were waiting whisk us off to the city of sin for the opening of Chanel’s Numéros Privés exhibit at the Wynn Hotel. (Another seven were bringing guests in from Los Angeles, or so said our pilot.) Because it’s Chanel and because they’d already gone to the effort of chartering private planes and personal drivers, we shouldn’t have been surprised (and seriously excited) to see gift bags of skincare and hand and lip treatments waiting on our seats, but we were, because unlike a few of the attendees, a trip and invite like this is way above our paygrade.

Animal fries for everyone!

We played cards with model (and ex-fiancee to pot brownie aficionado Jefferson Hack) Anouck Lepère and model-turned-blogger Hanneli Mustaparta while drinking wine and joking about the absolutely ludicrous idea that individual cars would be waiting for us on the tarmac at the other end.

That idea, as it turns out, was not ludicrous at all. But because we’re eco-friendly (and because we’d been talking up the deliciousness that is In ‘N Out to our international model seatmates), we commandeered a single Escalade and had the driver take us to the famed fast food restaurant, and fast.

The burgers (animal style) and fries (also animal style) were a hit with the models and the models were a hit with the In ‘N Out employees. Point, Styleite! And then it was on to the hotel to get ready for the night’s event.

Getting dressed for a Chanel event for which guests were flown out on private planes was new to us, so in a fit of good fortune and closet insecurity, we borrowed a lace dress from Milly, threw on some red lipstick, and made our way to the party.

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