The Confusing Case Of The Creepy Charles Manson Jean Jacket

This past weekend, the Styleite team came across a dude in a jean jacket. The jean jacket had a picture of mass murderer Charles Manson sewn on the back. I found this creepy. So I wrote about it. Then things got weird.

On Sunday, a man who goes by the name Paul Barker wrote a response post on Thought Catalog. In the post (titled “This Charles Manson Jean Jacket Has Nothing to Do With Anything”), he called me “a creepy” (yes, as in the non-existent noun). He expressed lots of thoughts re: my creepiness:

As the guy in the Manson jacket, I think I should set the record straight. First things first: I had no idea who Charles Mason [sic] was. I just woke up at my friend’s apartment and grabbed that thing off the floor and wore it out. I just googled Manson and Manson does seem creepy but I find it more creepy Rubin knows about Manson in the first place, and then spends her time and influence propagating his creepiness. NOW, THAT’S CREEPY. GET A LIFE.

I was flattered that Paul thought I had influence, but found his post to be both hilarious and ridiculous. But here’s the thing: apparently Paul is not the jean jacket guy! Shortly after we posted an update on the original post yesterday, I was contacted by a guy named Matt. This is what his email said:

Paul Barker is an impostor; I’m the guy you snapped a photo of on Saturday, and I certainly didn’t write that lame rebuttal. Don’t be a hater, engage in positive conversation.


Attached to the e-mail was a file called truth.jpg:

Always willing to engage in positive conversation, I emailed Matt to ask if he would agree to an interview. He obliged, and here is the result:

How would you describe your style?
Business casual most of the time, since I work in an office.

Where did you get the jacket?
I got the patch from a record label, and I sewed in on the jacket myself.

Do you own any other similar items?
Not really. I mean, nothing else with Manson on it.

What sort of statement, if any, are you trying to make with this jacket?
No statement, I just like his music. He recently released a new LP called “Air”, and I think it’s really good.

Do people ever stop you when they see you wearing it? What is their reaction?
I wish people would stop me if they wanted to talk about it, instead of secretly taking a picture and posting it on the internet. [Ed. note: Ouch.] The only person that has stopped me was someone that told me they recognized my jacket from your blog. They certainly weren’t offended by it.

Do you have any words for Paul Barker?
No, that just adds to my confusion. I can’t imagine that he’s actually being serious, so it was probably just the result of boredom.

So basically we learned this: some people really want to be known as the Charles Manson jean jacket guy.

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