Charlize Theron’s New Fashion Reality Show Is All About Blurred Lines

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There was a time, albeit a very brief time, that we contemplated cutting off all our hair just because Charlize Theron did. Needless to say, she’s got major pull, as well as impeccable taste. So, when we hear that she’s thrown herself behind a fashion reality show, we know that we couldn’t possibly have another Fashion Star on our hands.

Her production company, Denver & Delilah, has announced Whose Closet Is It Anyway?, which underlines the sacred girlfriend practice of clothes-swapping. Essentially, the plot will revolve around three women with drastically different personal style as they swap wardrobes and learn how to “change the way they think” about dressing.

A Keshet Media spokesperson told The Huffington Post:

“Each participant will have to change her entire look and try on styles that are totally different from her own, all while going about her usual routine. What does it feel like to walk in another woman’s stilettos? Will her family like her new look? What will her boss have to say?”

Personally, we find this to be a fruitful concept for many reasons. For one, in the age of fast fashion, a more sustainable approach to updating our closets is always welcome. Theron herself has become more outspoken about going green. Furthermore, considering that we find our personal style constantly delving into different genres of fashion and are arduously trying to marry ’60s mod with the dawn of the Roaring Twenties (Thanks, Lady Mary!), we think that blurring the lines of style à la Robin Thicke is vital.

An air date for Whose Closet Is It Anyway? has yet to be announced, so until then we’ll have to harmonize our sequined drop-waist evening gowns with our chromatic mini-dresses without Theron’s expertise.

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