This Exists: A Wedding Ring That Discourages Cheating?

Do you ever look at a particularly strange product and wonder who pitched it in a boardroom — and what team of brand execs thought it was a good idea? Well, file this under “products that probably shouldn’t have made it past the half-baked idea stage”.

This wedding band, which is sold on amid plenty of other unfunny gags (our favorite: tattoos that look like hickeys), has the words “I’m Married” carved on the inside. The site promises that the engraving will imprint the wearer with the phrase, thus preventing them from simply taking off their wedding band and cheating. This ring has caused quite a buzz around the interwebs, which is no surprise, because it raises quite a few questions:

  1. Wouldn’t the imprint fade in like, 20 minutes, giving the wearer ample time to carry out their, um, business?
  2. What if the person who is cheating with the wearer simply doesn’t care that they’re married? (Or, as an especially observant Twitter user pointed out, what if they can’t read?!)
  3. If you feel the need to purchase this, shouldn’t you reexamine your relationship?

Basically, this thing would be purchased under the assumption that the wearer was going to be less than faithful at some point, which really should be a deal breaker at the start. Furthermore, we’re guessing that men won’t be too keen to slip this on their fingers because it brands them as potential cheaters. And we say “men” only because there doesn’t appear to be a women’s version at all. All together, guys: WTF?

[via NY Daily News]

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