Check Out Anna Dello Russo’s ‘Ibiza Hat’ Which Is Actually a Sacred Native American Headdress

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“@carolinewinberg #getreadyfor #dc10″

What is it about being in Ibiza that turns celebrities into socially backwards morons? Probably all the free cocaine and the fact that Ibiza exists in a land outside of time, specifically 2004, but I digress:

First rich white person Jared Leto out-douchebagged himself by captioning a twitpic of himself gazing wistfully upon a half-peeled orange with a would-be inspirational quote by former slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Then rich white person, editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo, Instagrammed a few photos of her posing in her #OOTD for an Ibiza rave.

Dello Russo was apparently wearing a “#Balenciaga dress,” “#Celine shoes,” and an “#Ibiza hat.”

#getreadyfor #dc10 @balenciaga dress @celine shoes #ibiza hat

#getreadyfor #dc10 @balenciaga dress @celine shoes #ibiza hat

IBIZA HAT. [Insert all of the cry-laughing emojis here.]

The worst thing about this not just that it happened, but that it happened less than a year after Anna Dello Russo copped massive backlash for attending an incredibly racist “Disco Africa” themed Halloween party. As someone this closely connected to fashion, social media, and the never-ending news cycle of cultural appropriation controversies, it’s simply unfathomable that she thought this would go unnoticed.

Compared to this, Paris Hilton’s new Ibiza Night Life Tourist Guide cover actually looks modern and tasteful.

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