Ad Police Say Cheryl Cole’s Fake Hair Is OK For TV

It’s been a busy few weeks for the The Advertising Standards Authority. Last week, the ASA found Louis Vuitton guilty of releasing “misleading” ads which showed bags being made by hand — when in reality, they’re made with a regular old sewing machine.

And this week, L’Oreal is coming under fire for a commercial starring British singer Cheryl Cole advertising a hair product that promises to make your hair “stronger, full of life, [and] replenished.” Only problem is that Cole’s stronger, full of life hair shown in the commercial ain’t the real thing. “Styled with some natural hair extensions,” the commercial admittedly says.

The ASA received 40 complaints claiming that the commercial portrayed an unrealistic ideal that couldn’t be achieved. But after examination, the ASA rejected the requests to pull the commercial. The results of consumer testing reportedly done by L’Oreal proved accurate, therefore making it fully possible for someone to achieve the product’s results without Cole’s extensions.

Telegraph reports the ASA’s response.

“We considered most consumers would interpret the ads to mean the product would have an effect on the look and feel of hair that was weak, limp, lifeless, dull or straw-like. However, they were likely to understand that individual results would vary according to their own hair type.”

A reality check to the 40 that sent complaints to the ASA: everything is photoshopped, faked, enhanced, tightened, made longer, made thinner, or made younger. The advertising world is a-changing and if a complaint is sent to the ASA every time an actress’ hair looks a tad too thick, their offices are going to overflow with mail. Save the letters for Madonna and Louis Vuitton.

[via Telegraph.]

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